And my 100th follower is…. Ordog!

So I hit 100 followers today! Thank you, Ordog, for being my 100th follower. (check out his blog at which is a very cool blog that has an illustration per day, hence 365). I hope Ordog doesn’t mind but I was really impressed by his illustration for Day 9 of year 2012.

That is pretty cool.

Please send me an email at so I can send you the little surprise I have as a thank you. :D


Okay, it’s a bit redundant to have so many jumping in the air balloon girls but I have good cause.

My blog is at 73,679 hits aaaaaaand 99 followers!

And so… I’ve never had a blog that went up to as many hits or followers before so I’d like to say thank you…

And I’ve got something in store for the 100th follower who subscribes. :)

More details soon!